what a toddler enjoys…


1,2,3,4,5,6…. having 6 teeth for about 3 months already. :)

Enjoying her makeups — I’m considering putting her in washroom for her meals. ><


Jealous of the peacock and insisting of pulling the peacock out… =.=

Mechanic in action! Hope she’s not gonna be as aggressive and adventurous as her daddy…. I still want to have my things all in one piece!

Family shots


Took some photos before GongGong PoPo and Andy Shushu & Jenny ChehCheh leaving for their homes.

Too bad GuGu had to attend class so missed out the shootings.

Pretty hard to get me looking at the camera nowadays……

Getting frustrated…

With PoPo~

Audrey leaning on Andy ShuShu and thus BuBu wasn’t happy? :p

My 1st Birthday


It’s my first birthday and as the older generations said, one should put on shoes on this special day~! I suppose this indicates that I’m stepping into toddler stage! Very soon I’m no more baby Audrey!

Gong Gong and Po Po purposely flew over from Sibu to celebrate my First birthday!

Andy shu shu and Jenny ChehCheh also came all the way from KL! And thanks to everyone for the lovely wishes, prayers, gifts and angpao! I’m a lucky one to have all the love around me~! Thank God too for giving me a happy family! :D

We also went to BeiJing Restaurant for a nice feast in conjunction of PoPo’s birthday~ Happy birthday PoPo~

Princess Audrey


Anyone wanna marry me? I’m already in my gown~

Here I come!

Walking down the aisle~ I’m the winner of the baby contest in the house! :D

Happy Birthday, my princess


On this day in 2011, I walked into the operation room, totally helpless and shivering over what’s going to happen next. The fear within me almost made me took a run back home. I’ve always heard mothers are bravest creatures in the world, especially when it comes to giving birth. Gosh, I’m such a coward.

Being a mom is definitely sth challenging to me. I’ve never learnt or interested to know how to handle a kid, or a baby. Nevertheless, I’d say I’ve made my way throughout the year in coping with my new role. What I’m proud of being a mom:

I breastfeed my gal for a year. Despite the first few days of formula feeding in hospital, she’s very determined on direct breastfeeding. She knows exactly what she wants. I enjoyed the journey and for bonus, I’ve not been having my menstrual until now. If you do not count the one after delivery as one, then I’m free from menstrual for almost 22 months. Yeah~! I can dance at the top of the world for that. :D

Ok.. I can’t think of other things that I’m proud of. But I’m a proud mama, cos Audrey’s the cutest baby ever — Of course, she’s the apple of my eye… Until the next one’s coming out, she’s the one and only super star in the house.

Alvin is deserving a great honour as super dad. He can do all the houseworks and yummy cookings and make all funny sounds and funny things with Audrey, he’s the guardian of the family. As Chinese say, daughters are daddy’s lover in their former life, so Audrey’s definitely gonna be daddy’s gal. Despite being lover for Audrey, he’s been my greatest support in all my doings.

On this very first birthday of Audrey’s, I made her 3 wishes for her.

To be safe, healthy and joy. 平安、健康、喜乐。 This is the 3 main things I’ve always been putting in my prayers for every family members.

Safety comes first, as I really have no confident in our society, and accidents can happen anywhere. Health is really sth that one would ask for in times of sickness. Mommy has done my part in passing all my antibodies and nutrients to you. Even though life may be tough, don’t forget to smile. Your smile melts the world.

Audrey, mommy wish you could grow into a kind hearted, loving and brave girl. You may fall, you may cry, you can always come back to PaPa MaMa. Even when we’re not around, I hope those days that we spent together may pull you over the hardships.

We do not ask for a brilliant genius out of you and I hope we can keep this in heart. If you’re to welcome a little sister or brother in future, I hope we can love both of you equally and not to compare between the two of you.

You’re just hitting One and I’ve been playing lots of scenes in mind already. How could I let go of you when you no longer need dad and mom, wanting to explore the world on your own. Ppl had always said the father would be the one hating the son in law who takes away his lovely gal, but I guess I’m in the line too. Who’s the lucky man to have you? He must be some real man who loves you more than us. Watching you taking out your steps can put me in tears. My gal has gone this far.

Happy Birthday my gal. Mom and dad love you.

5 Wonderful Years


It was 929. I was browsing FB on bed. Then Alvin came in, I was still maintaining the same pose. Then I smell something fishy.

With Audrey in one arm, he’s holding a huge bouquet in another! Wow, I’ve never expected anything. Usually we would go out for nice meals or a short vacation. With Audrey now of course it’s not convenient to go on vacation as we like. This is a great surprise!

Thank you my dear, for being so lovely. Thanks for the wonderful 5 years and I believe we have a lot more 5 years to come. Let’s make it a 50 years. :D

More Fun!


I’m getting more and more active and mastering more skills nowadays! Besides helping mommy to dig out everything in drawers and put them back occasionally, I’m also learning to walk little by little!

Mommy carry me please~~~~~~~~~~

Blurry look ^^


I think I can read!

Happy Prisoner~


No, I didn’t steal mommy’s lipstick!

Shopping like a boss!

Back to Hometown!


This August I’m back to daddy mommy’s hometown visiting GongGong PoPo, WaiPo WaiGong, GuGu, DuaiYi, Uncle Paul and Elly Cheh Cheh~! PoPo was so happy to feed me her porridge cooked with love!

Yummy porridge!

Daddy said for safety purpose, it’s better for me to wear a helmet!

But daddy, isn’t this a little too heavy for me?

Shh, I’m on an important call!

Everyone is asking where’s my hair? I’m wondering too!